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The blockchain protocol is the base layer of the Web 3. The number of protocols and chains has increased. Blockchain cybersecurity is very important because a vulnerability in a single line of blockchain code can pose a huge risk to all projects built on top of it.
Sentinel AI is present fot Secure all layers of your architecture and protocol implementation with professional security auditing and testing
  • Secure your blockchain ecosystem with all in one security solution|
  • Protect your assets on all blockchain networks with our multi-chain support and advanced security features

All In One Sentinel Ai

Sentinel AI

Protect your blockchain assets with Solidity smart contract auditing

Sentinel KYC

Secure investor trust with our comprehensive KYC verification process

Sentinel Bounty Scammer

Empowering the community to trace crypto scammers

Sentinel AI Generator

Secure your blockchain ecosystem with Sentinel AI Generator

Sentinel Ai

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  • CA: 0x8070dEe687Fc754B55101374E3cA6e4Fd024A39e
  • Name
    • Sentinel AI
  • Supply
    • 1,000,000,000
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    • 5%

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What is smart contract audit?
Smart Contract Audit is a process of a precisional analysis of the code written by the developers in the term of Smart Contract. An audit secures the code by resolving any vulnerabilities or errors that could expose the users or have the potential for future bugs.
Why is smart contract audit important?
Smart contracts are self-executing codes that usually deal with financial and other valuable assets and tokens. Since blockchain is an immutable ledger, a smart contract, once deployed, cannot be altered. Hence, it is vital to audit a smart contract for its vulnerabilities and debug complex codes that often interact with each other, integrating a third-party system that makes the project susceptible to hacking and cybercrimes.
Who needs a smart contract audit?
Anyone dealing with a smart contract or looking for launching a project, including a Defi, DApp, game, stablecoin, tokens, NFTs, or more on a blockchain platform, must seek a third-party security auditing solution to prevent their projects from an economic exploit.
How do Sentinel AI smart contract?
Sentinel AI administers comprehensive smart contract security audits, employing static and dynamic analysis. We utilize dual protection of manual and automated code screening, including testnet and fuzzing techniques to examine a contract’s code for several vulnerabilities and gas optimization, leaving no escape route for bugs.

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